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Pastor Wayne


About Pastor Wayne

Hello, my name is Wayne Lee and I have the responsibility and the privilege of Pastoring this church. I was born and raised in Chemainus, just 10 miles north of here. It was at the age of 26 that my life took a turn for the better with what can  only be described as, my first encounter with God.  It wasn't until my second encounter with Him  that same year, that I realized  I needed to stop doing things my way, leave where I was, [self centred and self serving], and begin following God away from who I had become. My wife and I, with our two children at that time, began going to church. One year year later I received the call into full time ministry. Twenty- two years after that I entered the ministry. No, I wasn't  running from God. It was He rather, running me through what it meant to honor Him in spite of where I was and who I had been. Driving a truck seemed like a strange place for God to begin, but that is where He found me and so what better place to start than where we are! I had driven truck for 27 years of my life, 25 of those years, here in the Cowichan Valley. Maybe you know or would remember some of the companies I drove for. La Farge Concrete, Hershey Transport, Timberland Transport, and finally Dan''s Pre Cast. All the years I was driving truck I was learning about God, myself and others. In the evenings, as opportunity provided, I took post graduate courses which included my theological training.

Although I believe it was on my last driving job that I learned about stress management, time management, and people skills. It seemed strange to me that God chose this place to teach me such things, but it did provide me with a very good place to practice what I would be preaching.  Maybe this is why my approach to Christian living is so practical.

The bottom line for me... "It''s where the rubber meets the road that counts."

So full time ministry finally came along in 1999. My wife and I moved to Southern Alberta to Pastor  our first church. It grew, we were blessed, but before we had ever gone there we knew it would not be our last church. In 2008 God called us  back to Vancouver Is. to enjoy ministry here and experience once again His increase. Something I was doing before full time ministry began was teaching at the Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre on Thetis Is., usually one week each year. That has continued into my 21st year there. I have also been involved in the ministry at the Capernwray Center in Quebec. My wife of 45 yrs and I have been blessed with 3 children and to date, 12 grandchildren. God  met us where we were and how we were. We invite you to come, know, and celebrate God with us. Come as you are + leave refreshed. We are a church for the lost and found.

Yours Sincerely,

Reverend R. Wayne Lee


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